Vintage at the Northern HQ is in full swing

This year we are making a range of wines from an organically managed vineyard in Tenterfield, NSW. This high elevation site is a hidden gem really, with average night time temperatures in line with Heathcote, cooler than Bendigo, and with mild days, that allow long maturation on the vine. So this year when most of Victoria was harvested Tenterfield vines were still ticking along. And take it from us, the Victorian vintage flew in! So where as Heathcote Shiraz was picked early to mid-February, we are only harvesting up there next week (mid-March).

Sam has selflessly spearheaded the operation, making the epic journey down from the Sunshine Coast HQ to squeeze in a harvest, yabby fishing, processing in good mate Jared Dixon’s winery (Jilly Wines), more yabby fishing, and an awe-inspiring regime of pie consumption.

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