New Ventures, Adventures and Jesse ‘the Body’ Venturas

Ventures: Exciting times with Sam moving back to his spiritual home on the Sunshine Coast to take on a super exciting restaurant project; Gainsbourg. If you’re in Mooloolaba, make sure you head to the waterfront and check them out. Along with Gainsbourg he and his cabal have Something for Catering , a catering team run by people who understand that function catering doesn’t have to mean boiled steaks and Cab Merlot full of oak chips. They’re serving Pirate Life at the restaurant too, just FYI.

Adventures: We’re off to Argentina in early 2016 to make an epic Andean Cab Franc. This project got its legs after we noted a definite untapped segment in the red wine market in Australia; there simply wasn’t a single vineyard Cab Franc made from the eastern foothills of the Andes by two Australians into sour beer.

Jesse ‘the Body’ Ventura: I recently found my old WWF collector cards. Not that interesting but helped the title. He isn’t without his own level of epic cool though. Check the video below. He claims he toured with Fleetwood Mac, partied with REO Speedwagon, and arm wrestled with Warren Zevon! Touring with early 80s Stevie Nicks… aye carumba.

A little 2015 wine update. All the drops are looking sensational. Garganola and the Istrian are looking great again – textural, nutty and extremely delicious. Really getting us excited are the Shiraz and the Vermentino. The Shiraz is better than we could have hoped I have to be honest. Proves the adage that good fruit makes good wine. After taking about a month to trickle through primary ferment it is now about halfway through malo, and tasting ridiculous. Actually ridiculous. The vermentino took 2 months to ferment wild and is gold; Kieren Perkins 1996 Olympics 1500m Freestyle gold. So so happy with it. Should be bottled late September.